Client Testimonials

"Roger Craig is the greatest life insurance agent I have ever known. He sincerely shops the market for you, and keeps you informed each year-after-year. He presents the facts and lets you decide. He comes from humble Hazel Park roots, and never forgets that. I have seen him mix with the richest of men at my country club and never treat one man better than another. He still gets on a plane with glee to travel 5,000 miles to deliver a single Survivor Check to a recent widow, whose husband just died, and, but for the insurance, she would be lost. That is the Roger Craig I have known for 40 years or so, a true Marine in life’s combat. Semper fi."

J.E. – Attorney at law – MI

"Roger, you are one of the best follow-up people we have ever known."

S.S - Venture Capitalist

"I wholeheartedly recommend Roger as a hardworking, committed agent. He was wonderfully helpful and consistently responsive in helping me choose a 30 year life insurance plan and a substantial supplemental disability insurance plan for BOTH my spouse and myself.

As a young professional, I was having difficulty obtaining life insurance from a reputable company at a reasonable rate, as I had unique medical issues as a young child. With Roger’s help and 4 months of time – including two medical exams and several physician contacts and multiple companies contacted – we were able to negotiate an excellent plan at a very satisfactory rate.

Also, Roger was my primary contact to purchase long term, occupation-specific disability insurance to supplement my employer’s plan. I was quite specific about policy riders that I did, and did not, want included. I also had specific additional questions about coverage. Roger addressed each question and need in detail; was honest about when he did not know, and connected me to appropriate people within the insurance companies when he did not have the answers. Together, we pieced together an affordable policy with excellent coverage.

My spouse had far more straightforward life insurance needs, and Roger quickly found us a very competitive policy with all of our requirements.

I even had a question about my policy one year later. I called Roger and he was able to answer it for me the same day.

I will certainly seek his assistance with any future policy needs or questions. 5 stars!!"

B.B. – Medical Doctor, Florida

"I have known Roger Craig for over 30 years and in that time I have found him to be a true professional. He has my full trust and confidence and has been extremely helpful in taking care of my life insurance needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a qualified and highly intelligent insurance agent who will work diligently to insure you have the best possible coverage along with extremely competitive pricing."

R.S. – Motivational Speaker - FL

"Roger at has gone the extra mile in providing true customer service. His research has provided me with the lowest cost and highest quality term insurance that is now a gift that keeps on giving. He is by far the best insurance professional that I have dealt with."

L.L. – retired - VA

"Roger is the “real McCoy”! He not only serves you and your needs, he looks out for your needs before you realize you have those needs. Call Mr. Term today."

P.F. – Reverend - AZ

"I have known Roger Craig for several years. Roger is a very sincere person and I think very highly of him. I consider him the best of the best. He has served me very well and has my interest at heart. I am very lucky and very happy to have him as my agent now and for a long time to come. Thank you Roger, from the bottom of my heart. You are very good."

F.K. – Flight Instructor - AZ

"Roger Craig has been a part of our lives since we got married in 1973. He has worked with us through the years as our family has changed. We trust him completely and he has been like a family friend to us. We would not be happy if we did not have him in our lives."

B. J. – retired - MI

"My wife and I have worked with Roger Craig for over twenty years. He has always been straight forward when looking into our options and giving us the best possible avenues to travel. He is professional, kind and very knowledgeable; and takes the time to make sure we understand everything he presents."

M.H. – retired - MI

"Through the years he has met our changing needs as a family, always reviewing our insurance and financial planning portfolio from his end as well as addressing any concerns from ours. As time progressed, our relationship has far exceeded one of “just business” into a familial friendship. Well done dear friend."

A & D.C. – retired -

"Roger helped us in selecting a life insurance policy for my wife and me after referral from a friend. He was courteous, professional and had access to all the latest products from established companies. We had almost started a Variable Universal Life (VUL) policy before speaking with him, and he promptly detailed why it appeared to be a bad choice. After some research, we discovered he was right and asked him to help us with a basic “no-frills” term life policy. Then, after my initial policy was up and running for a few years, my policy lapsed for some unknown reason. After contacting Roger, he immediately sprung into action and found new, more affordable term life policies for my wife and I. Roger has done a fine job of helping us over the years and I recommend him to anyone."

F.C. – licensed software specialist - AZ

"Roger is always accessible and eager to talk with me anytime. He is so friendly and receptive to any questions and concerns I have regarding insurance issues."

S.F. – RR Inspector - OR

"My wife and I have known Roger Craig for 40 plus years. He has always been honest and professional with our family. Roger cared enough to make investments on our behalf and these investments in our portfolio gave us the greatest chance to increase gains on our money while we were still working. When we were ready to retire, Roger got our money in investments that, if the market went down, we would not lose any of our principal; but, if the market went up, we would gain money. He has always tried to be available by phone or email and return our calls or email within a reasonable time. We would definitely recommend Roger Craig."

R&J – Florida

"Roger has always been available for all our insurance needs."


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